10 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for WordPress


Ask a bee keeper how many bees he has and he’ll give you a pretty accurate number.

Ask a jelly maker how many pounds of jams he’s sold and he knows.


So why do we sit around and play the guessing game with our WordPress site, “Well, I guess my WordPress is working but I don’t really know how many readers I get.”


Monitoring performance in any online business is absolutely crucial. It’s this that gives us the stats we need to improve, create a better website and get more of a following.  And WordPress has many tools available that can give you the exact information you need. You just need to know where to go and look for the tools.

The problem is: Most of us don’t know how to monitor a blog’s performance, much less find out how it’s doing on social media.

You wouldn’t go out and sell vacuum cleaners if you didn’t know how many machines you had in your car or van. By the same token, you need to know what’s going on with your WordPress blog.  To get you on the right track here are 10 of the best tools used by the very best bloggers all over the world.


Buffer lets you share updates on all of your social profiles. You can schedule for a week or a month in advance and even shorten your links. The analytics allow you to see what shares get the most interaction. It is really a useful tool for social media marketers or companies that plan to drive value from social media accounts. It does come with a decent price tag, starting at $50 per month and increasing based on your package. Don’t worry though because they do offer free trials to see if it is right for you!


Hootsuite is amazingly powerful for businesses trying to reach out to customers via social media networks. One of the main features of Hootsuite is the ability to preplan Facebook posts, Tweets and more. This allows a single person to sit down and handle all of your weekly posts. You can also establish teams to manage it when necessary. It even provides a number of windows to view your social media profiles on so you can stay on top of comments and retweets! If you haven’t tried Hoostuite before and the verdict is still out on whether it could be beneficial for you or not, they are providing a 30-day trial of their full paid version. Give it a try and see if it is right for you!


Google Analytics

A free tool that every webmaster uses. It monitors all of your links and gives you important stats on keywords, content and traffic. The benefit of good Analytics usage is continuous development. Over time, you’ll get insights into what exactly is working properly and what is not. You can then cut your losses and build on your strengths.

It is relatively easy to set up by just adding a simple code to your site. Some features are easier to use than others so it might be worth your while to go and learn about all the different stats this tool offers. There are some of the more difficult tasks though like event tracking that can be a little bit more difficult for users. Luckily Google provides a lot of resources on how to use Google Analytics, including a free certification course and preparation material.

The reason that Analytics has made it into this post though is because it offers a way to track clicks from social media sites to your website by default. That way you can analyze your social media sites based on what really matters, and that is ROI. You can have 100,000 likes on Facebook, but if you do nothing with that – well then, you don’t have anything! But, if you have just a few followers on a social media platform that click through to your site then continue to purchase or contact you – then it is powerful!

Google Analytics is definitely the industry standard here but for a number of reasons you may need another data tracker. For those that really want to boost their Analytics ability though and find that Google Analytics either can’t keep up or is too difficult, there are a number of other options. These come in all price ranges and vary in ability and learning curve. Perhaps my favorite of these is Lucky Orange, which comes with about a $10 price tag to it. The set up is easier than Google Analytics and the power of it is amazing. It actually videos user progress through your site so you can go back and reference any single user, or it aggregates user patterns into heat maps to show you where the focus of your site is. If the $10 is too much for you right now, they do offer a free trial as well.

Facebook Insights

So, Analytics tools only begin to take affect when users actually click through to your website, but what about user experience on your Facebook page? For this, you’ll need Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights are a free tool to anyone with a Facebook business page.

The Facebook statistical tools have become quite extensive over the years and understandably so since this has become the largest social networking site over the years. That’s because Facebook constantly offers tools that help track progress and make social sharing easier. That’s what makes it so surprising when businesses just don’t avail themselves of simple tools like the social share buttons, the Like or Send buttons that Facebook puts out. Facebook Insights gives you a deep look into what works on your site, when traffic comes in and the number of shares, comments and Likes you get for your WordPress site.

The nice part is the interface for Facebook Insights looks very similar to Google Analytics. The data you gather here is a little simple on the surface but also insightful. You can make a number of decisions based on these insights. Are there under-performing topics to stop using? Are there trending topics that build every time you post about them? These questions and many more can be handled through Facebook Insights.

Twitter Analytics

Like Facebook, Twitter has its own analytics where you can see how your tweets perform and the type of attention they get. This gives you a monthly breakdown of top tweets, mentions and views. Don’t just let this go to waste, make use of it. It makes your business better.

Pinterest has Analytics Too

Pinterest now offers analytics that can help track your performance on the platform. You can see how your individual pins or boards are doing. This gives you clicks, repins and data about your audience.

YouTube Analytics

As a video publisher, you’ll want to use YouTube analytics as it details out the traffic sources you get to your channel. It also offers estimated earnings and other data such as the number of minutes viewers watched the video.


Mention lets you monitor your website, blog, brand or social presence. Mention makes it easy to both monitor and react to mentions. It allows you to answer customer questions, and respond to comments about blogs or media. It shows you stats and sends out alerts about queries related to your site topics. Now, this is a paid service but there is a free trial available as well.

Meltwater IceRocket

IceRocket was originally a search engine focused on blog sites like WordPress but has since expanded its view to real-time social media and news insights. Now, this is a great tool to use for searching trending discussions and getting your blog or social media platforms in front of viewers by indexing it with the IceRocket platform.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers social media management, engagement and analytics tools for marketers. It helps organize your campaigns and engage in conversations from one window. Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media tool for marketers. It allows you to track progress but also engage in conversations and see where you need to go next. It offers a history of conversations on Twitter and allows you to add team members. It is really a great tool and an absolute must-have in a social media marketers toolbox. Sprout Social will make your day significantly easier!


Share your thoughts. Comment below and let us know if you have any other suggestions for Social Media monitoring tools. If you have any more questions about Social Media Marketing (SMM) then don’t hesitate contacting us.

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