How do you remove negative Facebook reviews?

Negative Facebook reviews can certainly affect a business’s reputation. What’s worse is in a world where competition stretches morals and personal defamation runs high, there is no oversight into the authenticity of these reviews.

Business owners are frantically on the search as to how to remove these or at least cover them up. Most sites do not give you the chance to monitor reviews. Places like Google, Yelp and others can only advise a business owner to comment (be reasonable with the comment!) and cover up bad reviews by pleasing the next set of guests that you get! Unfortunately, it is not always that easy.

Well, luckily there is an answer with reviews on Facebook. Facebook allows you to remove negative comments in 5 very simple steps!

Remove Negative Reviews

1) Click on the “Privacy Shortcuts” icon, top right corner (2nd icon from right?)

Facebook Privacy Button
2) Click on the “How do I stop people from bothering me?”

Privacy Shortcuts
3) Enter the name or email address of the person leaving the negative comment, and click “BLOCK”

Block a person
4) Ignore the 2nd chance prompt that Facebook gives you and click “BLOCK” again.
5) Now once you reload your site you’ll see that the negative review is now gone!

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