Staying on Top of Freelance

Can you believe that as many as one in three US workers are freelancers or independent contractors? This according to studies conducted by both the Freelancers Union, and a freelance employment website.

That is 53 million people and an additional 14.3 million people work part time to supplement their 9-to-5 job. And the reports indicate that by 2020, as much as 40% of all workers will be independent or contract workers.

It’s easy to understand why hiring freelancers is an advantage to businesses of all sizes, and why the sector is growing. Freelancers offer a cost efficient way to plan an get work projects completed at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise take. In fact, some businesses find them an essential part of their business framework.

But hiring freelancers is not as easy as it looks, you have to manage them, and this may be difficult when you don’t know how – and especially when the freelancer doing the job doesn’t know the “Ins and Outs” of your business.

Because we have a little more experience within the freelancer market, we’ve put together a few tips on how to manage your new freelancer workforce.

Identify your needs before you try to manage any freelancers you hire.

Don’t hire a freelancer to complete a job that’s due yesterday. Freelancers are in a way like employees but more like people in genera; you need to know you can count on, and will get the job done for you. And that means you need time to make sure your freelancer can get the job done.

Once you have a few freelancers you can rely on, then you don’t have to worry about meeting your deadlines, as they will quickly become part of your team work right along with you.

Be careful and search through the Talent Pool

You don’t want to buy all the candy in the candy store, just the type you like best. Looking through freelancer profiles is like going to the candy store and seeing the shelves stocked with everything under the sun. You may be tempted to hire freelancers with the lowest rates, but this means you also risk getting poor quality work from less experienced freelancers.

Don’t treat them as employees

Freelancers are not employees; they are independent consultants work whenever and wherever they want. This means that communication is a key element to getting your project is completed in a satisfactory way.

Set reasonable deadlines

Set consistent deadlines and outline the rules of your relationship as much as you can ahead of time. However, there will also come a time when you need to be flexible with freelancers who have a consistent and effective output. 

Use Project Management Tools

If you’re a small business, you may be unfamiliar with project management. However, learning about tools that help you manage projects can save you time and get your projects completed effectively. Even when you are unfamiliar with project management principles, there are a number of tools that are introverted, easy to use and inexpensive.

Programmers and developers have created a number of tools that can make managing freelance workloads a lot easier, especially if you are working with global coworkers.

These are just a few of the tools that we’ve worked with:


This is an online project management tool that offers small businesses a lot of functionality. It can give you a full display of your different projects and help integrate a variety of features that are time and cost efficient. This tool comes with project scheduling options, team planning tools, project reporting, collaboration tools and most importantly scheduling features that are very simple to use. Best of all this service also has options for Macs and mobile systems.


Helping freelancers get the job done faster can also be a part of managing your freelancer team. Projectturf has a number of features that can help keep track of time and budgets. There are also customized layouts and easy to use graph features that help you get everything done quickly and efficiently.

Project Bubble

Freelancers sometimes have problems needing due dates, and getting the project finished within your budget. Project Bubble help to keep track of time and budget. It offers attractive environment that helps you manage your freelancer team and allows for easy collaboration.


This is one of the more popular project management tools for businesses of all sizes. This company has more than a decade of experience under his belt and offers a clean and robust interface keeps all of your projects, freelance contributors, and tools, all on one page.

Project Management Templates

For those that want to keep control of projects and customize tools to their own needs then the Project ManagementTemplates tools works well. This offers more than 200 documents and tools that you can tailor to your project and use step by step guides.  This is a program written by experienced consultants with years of experience.


This project management software offers user-friendly one page dashboard that allows everyone who participates with you to keep track and analyze projects. Yet it also offers flexibility for managers and for freelancers, within reason of course.

Now that you know how to manage freelancers, the question is;

Where Do You Find Qualified Freelancers?

Freelancers are becoming the norm, so it’s actually quite easy to find them nowadays. You can find them on freelance websites like these:


What is the Future for Freelancers?

Well, we seem to know that millennial generation wants more flexibility and freedom to be their own boss, and with telecommunications available now throughout the world, freelancing will continue to rise. The reason for the increase is because hiring freelancer help you complete work you couldn’t otherwise get done using your in house team, or it would just take that much longer. It reduces costs and is more efficient, however this efficiency rests on your ability to manage a freelance work force adequately.



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