1. Amazon Affiliate Review

Amazon is the largest eCommerce websites. It has attractive commissions on each sale through which you can make thousands of dollars per month. In fact, with Amazon’s affiliate program you can even manage an entire ecommerce website without actually selling your own products – just other’s from Amazon! Just a click on the link earns you commission, even if the user doesn’t buy the product. With the diversity of products on Amazon and its availability in different countries, you can create an independent eCommerce website that displays the products on Amazon. Amazon offers you an integrated tracking system on its platform. It helps you identify the performance of each ad and make the required changes to boost up the sales.

2. iTunes Store Affiliate Review

On each sale, iTunes affiliate program offers up to 7 percent commission. You can promote the apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac on your blog or website. Many bloggers and website owners make a lot of money by promoting the apps on their websites and blogs. You can also sell music, videos, and books through the iTunes affiliate program. It’s one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the internet. It also offers a great customer support. iTunes affiliate program is available in different countries, and they review your application in about 5 business days. After your application is accepted, focus on increasing the traffic on your blog or website. The higher the traffic, the more are the chances for you make money out of this program.

3. iPage Affiliate Review

iPage Affiliate Program is one of the highest paying programs out there. For every active customer on its platform, iPage pays up to $105. There are many promotional tools and attractive banners to use on your website or blog. The packages that iPage offers are very attractive and it has a large customer base. When you put up these ads on your website or blog, the offers of iPage may attract a lot of your visitors. With every visitor that uses the service of iPage through your referral link, you get paid. The pricing for each service referred is based on the type of registration. You make $105 if someone registers for a Shared or VPS hosting, $120 for every registration on WP Essential hosting, and $150 for every signup for Dedicated Hosting.

4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant Affiliate Review

CJ Affiliate by Conversant, formerly known as Commission Junction is one of the oldest players in the market with over 2,500 advertisers. It provides a large number of advertisers, offering you the choice to choose between different products for the ones that suit your niche. You get to choose each advertiser which helps you to narrow down the products to advertise according to your niche. It doesn’t require a minimum traffic for registration. But on CJ, creating reports isn’t much fun. The support is also disappointing. You can only deal with the clients here.

5. Shareasale Affiliate Review

Shareasale, based in Chicago was founded in 2000 and is known for its speed, efficiency, accuracy, and customer support. It currently has over 2,500 merchants on its platform which gives it a wide and rich catalog. It offers up to 8 percent commission on each referred sale. Sharesale also has a network of merchants which makes this platform very diverse. It is a well known and trusted affiliate network. Make A Page feature is one of the many interesting features on Shareasale. It enables an affiliate to easily search for the products that match the niche of their website or blog. You can also generate your report, revenue, and other stats and save them for future reference. You can watch your income grow steadily with the real-time stats and reports.

7. Maxbounty Affiliate Review

Maxbounty affiliate program has an easy signup process. They’re an independent network and have great offers. The sellers spend more because Maxbounty doesn’t display the ads on low quality sites. However, the customer support isn’t very reliable and may disappoint you often. It has got a very user-friendly interface and the people behind the desk assist you while you start a campaign. They also help you to increase your traffic. Maxbounty is very strict about the fraudulent attempts on its website, so make sure that you know what you’re doing.

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