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For businesses, Social Media began as a marketing tool for directing traffic to their website or just promoting the brand of their company. Now however, it has quickly come to promoting social media itself – rather than taking real value from it. Now, don’t get me wrong – for some people having a large social media following just for the sake of a large number of followers and likers could be beneficial but this is generally reserved for the celebrities of the world, not business as usual.

For small businesses especially, it is important to see the VALUE of social media. This value can be seen in the following KPI’s, traffic to your website, promoting returning visitors, receiving contact information, getting contacted and more! This will ultimately drive more business and grow revenue – the bottom line for the majority of businesses.

Now, do keep in mind if the KPI is working and say, you are getting phone calls, then social media is probably working. If your revenue is not growing, chances are it is something else – for example, check your receptionist’s mood when answering the phone!

Social Media Done Right

The goal for a lot of people then could be getting their company details in front of people as often as possible and growing the amount of followers that see their new Tweets or Facebook posts directly. For Twitter, every time your name shows up and people hover over it – they are instantly met with a paragraph of information regarding YOUR business. This is your moment, your elevator pitch (see the example below).

Twitter SME Snapshot

Some important parts for this are as follows:

  1. Brief, interesting details about your company.
  2. Some relevant hashtags.
  3. Your URL!

Point three sounds redundant because Twitter requests your URL later but that DOES NOT show up when people highlight your name. It is much more beneficial to have that URL show up on your about section when people first view your name.

Some of you more Twitter Savvy individuals may be thinking, “Bah, this guy is outdated because this trick does not work on mobile!” To those individuals I say, “Touché”. Take that same about section, Tweet it and then embed it on the top of your page so every visitor sees that first.

Problem … Solved.

And at this point, be looking at your Google Analytics for Twitter Referrals just as much as your Twitter Followers.

Best Forms of Social Content

Online and on social media in particular, we are inundated with content. There is just so much. Twitter alone goes through hundreds of feeds and hour. How do you stand out?

Well, the most engaging pieces of content are “rich”. And, by “rich” I simply mean not text. Video and imagery go so much further in grabbing people’s attention. Videos are by far the most engaging but this usually leads to reposting YouTube links and traffic going from Twitter/Facebook to YouTube. You are certainly not making money off of YouTube, unless you are Google.

The trick then is capturing that traffic from social media channels to your owned digital media, probably your website. YouTube does have a very fancy, easy-to-use embed feature. You could create a new web page, embed a YouTube video and repost that link every time you want to post a video. That way, people come to your site.

Sounds time consuming doesn’t it?

Well, it is to do it manually. Especially in the fast paced field of Twitter and Facebook.

Your solution to this follows…

Social Media Automation

What if you could automate embedding these videos in pages you have control over and auto-post these on social networks?

The answer is allows you to create landing pages branded however you would like them to be, with an area for videos to be embedded. You then simply tell the software which YouTube channels are most relevant to your business and target market, saving you from having to pick out every single video you think you need to post. This is extremely helpful and timesaving.

staged SME snapshot

But that is not all Staged will do.

Do you need other kinds of content?

Of course you do! Constantly posting one kind of content bores your audience. Mix it up. also has thousands of pre-programmed text-Tweets that you can schedule to go out. The list is building all of the time!

Do you need more Twitter followers?

This is redundant – of course this is a yes! will automatically follow targeted groups, getting you more followers that are important to your business goals.

Worried about Facebook and LinkedIn as well?

Stop worrying – you can post on these as well. Staged syncs with the big 3 – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is important though that you make sure how much content you are sending each way!

There are probably a number of you out there that are still questioning this. Rightfully so. I was too before I tried it. Also, I had been using Hootsuite before and didn’t think I needed ANOTHER social media tool. Well, I was right there. I ended up getting rid of my Hootsuite account entirely! I have even used Buffer and GetSpokal in the past but honestly, none of these even touch on the power of Staged.

But don’t feel that you have to go out there risking all. Try it for free here: Find out what makes it so good for yourself. You are probably sick of people online telling you what is good and what isn’t.

However, I’m not. Let me know your thoughts one you try this!

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