About us

Our Goals

At SMEcomplete, we strive to be the most efficient service and resource center for SME’s, no matter where their location. We want to break free of local stigmas and our only confinement is the reach of our customers.

Our Values

We strive for mutual, ongoing success in all dealings with our clients. Therefore, we seek to provide quality marketing functions for our clients that will have a clear impact on their goals and we do not stop when our project is finished but instead seek to provide ongoing support and reference tools.

What we do

We specialize in small and medium sized businesses because that is what we know.

At SMEcomplete, we provide several professional marketing services for small and medium sized companies. We are capable of providing a holistic marketing strategy for your company, across digital and physical medians, or to provide individual marketing services.

Services we specialize in include

Website and eCommerce building

WordPress, eBay pages, Amazon pages, etc.

Blog and Social Media Management

WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Online Content

AdWords, SEO, article writing, blog posts, social media etc

Designing & Physical media

Logo, Product, Advertisements,Brochure Creation, Flyers, Banners etc

Product Marketing

Sales Descriptions, Competitive Pricing, market analysis etc

Database management

Customer list, email list, “snail-mail” list, product list, etc

How we do it

Our team consists of several driven professionals that focus on specific areas of business and marketing. Added together and we have a complete  understanding of online and physical marketing processes to increase your company’s relevance, visibility and revenue.
All of our tactics focus on increasing your customer attraction and retention, in order to drive profits. All of our services come with consultations and constant project updates, meticulous industry research and satisfaction guarantee.
We understand that companies want end-results and we are here to pave the road to get there. Our focus is not fast and cheap, but for lack of a better word, right. It isn’t just about obtaining results but maintaining them at the same time.

Our Process

Our process is simple – You tell us (A) where you are at and (B) where you want to be. Our job is to get your from A to B.

We engage in detailed conversation with our clients and perform thorough research into the situation before we ever begin working. We make sure that we understand their situation, the external situation and their goals. Next, our team of industry professionals brainstorm and consider possible avenues to meet the desired goals. Once we have decided on the correct path, we put our plan to work and fully include all necessary marketing channels to achieve results in the most efficient way possible.

Then we are still there to help you measure your marketing procedures, providing ongoing support and equipping clients with up-to-date industry knowledge.

Read more for a list of all of our services.


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