Maximize Revenues Through Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are excellent ways of monetizing your website traffic. Similar to advertisements displayed on your website, affiliate programs provide links to other companies’ websites or products but provide a bit more control and time. Let’s look at a few points regarding affiliate marketing best-practice.

Generating extreme cash flows through commission based advertising placed on your website is not automatic – you need to fine tune your affiliate marketing strategies to bring in those bigger checks.

Increase Your Traffic

Start by upping the visitors to your site. To catch and retain visitors who will click through, you need to provide genuine content that people are looking for that they will actually want to read, and that will establish you as a credible source of information that they will return to. If they trust you, they will be more likely to trust your banners and links.

Market your website. Maximize your SEO efforts. Tag your pictures and videos. Make sure that any pictures of the product are affiliate links. Create content that is tempting to share through social media with interesting subjects, arresting images, and headlines with good hooks.

Match Your Ads to Your Audience

Consider the types of people that would be interested in the content you provide when you choose ads to promote. For instance, if you run a website that critiques nursing homes, you probably don’t want to run ads for football equipment – you’d do better with ads for shower stall safety devices.

Remember that not only does the visitor to your site need to visit the merchant’s site, the visitor needs to buy the product. Make sure the ads you are running fit your audience so that they are more likely to buy products on the merchant’s site.

Some ads, like those for food products or television shows, appeal to the majority of people, so it is okay to use those. Don’t forget to include ads for free or highly discounted promotional items, as these are more likely to be clicked.

Also consider your audience when choosing products to promote at higher price points. If the product is truly worth the money, you’ve tried it, and you’d highly recommend it, go ahead and promote it, but try to promote products that are within the price points you think are most budget friendly for your particular audience.

Promote Brands and Products you Trust

Building a reputation of being a trustworthy source of brand and product information will result in repeat visitors to your site and more interest in the products you are promoting.  If the ads on your site only link to products that seem sketchy, the consumer will only be fooled once, and maybe even not at all. If you had ten links to great brands and only one to a well-known scam or inferior product, the consumer that recognizes that product may assume that the other products you promote are shady as well.

Work with Reality

An affiliate marketing system is not one that you can start and then leave to work on its own. You have to keep your site fresh and garnering new and more traffic. You may need, and would be helped greatly, by having more than one site. You’ll need to build and maintain relationships with other web masters and bloggers. Promote new products on a regular basis to keep your repeat audience interested. The bottom line is that you have to put in some time and have a little patience. Even when you do get to a point that you can let it rest for periods of time, you’ll still need to do maintenance from time to time to keep it working for you.

Stay up to date so that when changes are forthcoming you are prepared. When sites like Pinterest change their policies, you won’t be left scrambling to figure out ways to generate the income you’re losing, you’ll already be prepared and ahead of the competition.

Use Alternative Strategies Other than Single Articles

Think of ways to promote the product outside of one single post or article, or think of ways to connect to that article outside of SEO friendly text and Google bot recognition.

Link to your article through other sites, promote it on social media, Google Adwords, etc. Consider creating a page of favorite products that you actually use. Be creative.

Layout and Placement

Newspapers and magazines have spent decades perfecting the art of ad placement. There are job positions at major publications that are focused on that, and only that task. Ad placement matters.

Record and review how your program responds to how, when, and where you place banners and links on your site and respond accordingly.

Treat your Affiliate Program like a Business

Yes, this is a form of passive income, but like any other business venture you have to put in some effort to get it there. Trump, Gates, and Zuckerberg may be able to travel the world and play golf every morning, but they put in a lot of effort when they were getting their businesses off the ground.

In the beginning you will want to build the framework on which to promote the products. Research tools, plugins, and informational material that will help you. Read popular websites and blogs to see how they incorporate their affiliate links and aim to do it as seamlessly as they do.

You don’t have to invest great amounts of money, so do what you can and invest your time and effort. Your results will be worth it.

Contact professionals and see how you can make the most of your affiliate marketing program or get one set up! Contact us today.

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