Elegant Theme’s DIVI WordPress Theme Superiority

There are thousands of WordPress theme providers that have great themes that allow for customization, creative display, functional front-end navigation, scalable back-end control, and light, SEO friendly architecture, as well as come at various different price points. Many themes are worth an honorable mention here, as they hit on a number of these above points but none hit on all of these points as well as DIVI from Elegant Themes.

DIVI Does It All!

Elegant Themes flagship theme DIVI is easily the most universal theme on the market. The team of developers employed by Elegant Themes put their near total effort into developing DIVI and continuously making t better. This is can be seen in the recent upgrade in the DIVI theme to version 2.4.

I may be over stepping the start of this though, so let’s step back.. Let’s get into the features that DIVI has:

Easy to use

DIVI includes advanced Elegant Themes page builder and nearly eliminates the need to understand how to manipulate CSS. The page builder basically allows for a drag and drop setup for the structure of the site. Fonts, sizes and margins can then be controlled at a universal level to ensure consistency across the site. Designers can also easily jump between using just the middle of the screen or the full width.


DIVI comes with a number of great design features. Among these is the parallax image effect. This is one of the hottest topics in creative web design right now and it only requires a single click of a button on the DIVI theme. Additional design features it comes with are as follows:

  • Full-width and partial-width sliders.
  • Grid displayed project portfolio.
  • Full size or grid blog display.
  • Save for later – save your layouts to use over again. HUGE timesaver!!
  • Counters, timers, bar charts and more!


The documentation and programming of the DIVI theme is light and to the point. This keeps it from weighing down on hosting too much and allows for a seamless, faster display of the website. Additionally, the SEO integration feeds into the site structure and keeps it constant from the back end. This keeps you from having to add SEO onto the site and make it heavier, rather it is already built in.


This is probably the only section people have been waiting for and for good reason. Website themes can get expensive! Buying a single access theme is almost a waste these days as it only allows you to use it once and get you little, to no support. The $89 yearly investment in Elegant Themes will get you full access to everything they can provide you, including excellent themes and plugins, as well as constant updates and customer support. You always stay up-to-date with the changing best practices of the Internet and WordPress in general. You can also opt to get a lifetime membership for only $249!

See the full tutorial here!

DIVI 2.4 Update:

Elegant Themes Plugins

Despite the added features of DIVI replacing the need for a number of plugins, the subscription to Elegant Themes also gets you a number of helpful premium plugins. The main plugins offered are Monarch and Bloom. Monarch provides great looking social media buttons that fit on the side of a page or in posts. Bloom on the other hand provides aesthetically pleasing pop-ups that help in enticing users to sign up for emails or take a desired action.
Monarch Social Sharing PluginBloom Email Optin Plugin

Elegant Themes’ DIVI makes it an excellent option for an up-and-coming start-up to a developed ecommerce site. DIVI’s scalable nature makes it suitable for almost every situation. So rest assure that you can find a solution in DIVI and begin making your online presence even better!

Honorable Mentions:

ThemeForest has a collection of great themes.  Unlike Elegant Themes, Theme Forest is a retailer for many different themes, not just their own. Among these are the venerated X Theme, Avada and Bridge. The X Theme is probably the most worthy theme of the Runner-Up award to the best theme available. It has a number of great functions including an easy-to-use editor, responsive design, clean architecture and more. One of its main setbacks is that this single theme is more expensive than the Elegant Themes complete pack. This in itself does not sound bad as you’ll only ever need to use the DIVI theme but there are a number of plugins that come with the package, as well as unlimited use. The X Theme is nearly $70 for a single use.

WooThemes is an excellent developer for ecommerce business sites. The obvious downside to WooCommerce (the primary brand of WooThemes) is the fact that it is so focused. There are very few other reasonable situations that a WooThemes would be used for. DIVI has the option of being used on many other types of sites as well as ecommerce.

Photocrati has everything a photographer or artistic website needs! The visual add-ons to this theme and organization of works make it very useful in this niche. Again, the problem is the niche focus of the Photcrati theme. These hyper-localized benefits are essentially only for photographers, which makes it useless for the masses. Many of the features are still available on the DIVI theme.

Divi WordPress Theme

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