Bing’s Second Upset Over Google This Year: First Mozilla, Now AOL

Bing, the second largest search engine in the US by search volume, just made another aggressive step in its competition with Google! It has just taken on a new 10 year agreement to be the search engine provider for AOL! This is only months after Bing announced a deal with Mozilla to be its new default search engine. There are even talks of Safari going the same route as Mozilla! More on this story at Business Insider.

What does this mean for the world of search?

Well, Google is still leaps and bounds ahead of the search underdog Bing. Google owns about 2/3rds of all internet search queries in the US and globally it looks about the same. The European market actually relies even more on Google but now with the Anti-Trust action against Google there, competition may open up a bit more (more here)! Taking an even broader stance on search, Google also does not have a good footing in China – in fact, it is either blocked or slowed because its servers are not in the mainland. Bing is forging ahead there with more competitive partnerships.

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