AdWords Vs. Bing Ads: CPC

Pay-per-click advertising is a popular topic for Internet marketing and Google AdWords definitely commands that conversation. Google is the go-to search platform for more than 60% of the world and likewise, requires marketing attention. However, in recent years Google AdWords has risen significantly in cost and for many, has priced itself out of reach. Now, there are a number of PPC competitors, including social media and search competition. Among these, is the Yahoo! Bing Ads network which is the definite underdog in search. Many businesses and marketers discount Yahoo! Bing Ads due to the lower amount of market share; however, this may not necessarily be a good business decision. Yahoo! Bing search network still holds nearly 20% of the market share and has other factors to its benefit. One such benefits is the average Cost-Per-Click. Cost per Click (CPC) is the amount that the business has the pay to these ad networks overtime a user clicks on these ads. Advertisers on the Yahoo! Bing Ad Network certainly benefit from a reduced average CPC.

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