How can you limit or block Google’s ads on your computer?

Apple has gotten a lot of cheers recently from people that are overwhelmed with online ads being served to them. Apple’s recent announcement (See more here) to allow an adblocker on their system has been tantamount to corporate warfare between Apple (a company with a large number of users) and Google (a company that heavily monetizes ad distribution).

Despite these considerations, Google has long allowed people to limit or block the ads that will be served to them by controlling their settings on Chrome! It actually predates most Ad Blockers, especially Apple’s.

Blocking ads is actually good for advertisers!

This is a difficult concept to get people to understand (I’ve tried to explain it here).

Google realizes the benefits of people regulating the ads that get served to them. Let’s face it, we can do all the research imaginable and use the most state-of-the-art technology to determine audiences but the one person that knows which ads will be suitable for them is the person being served the ads! So put that power in their hands!

Google does this. They actually allow people to determine which interests fit them and include their demographic information. Now realize that this information will then be used for advertisers to profile you but it will keep the ads that are not desirable away.

You can actually completely eliminate these ads from targeting you by switching it off. Do keep in mind, Google and DoubleClick (Google’s display ad network) are not the only ad networks out there. You can still get hit by other ads from these other networks in place of the DoubleClick ads.

If you are interested in having greater control over the ads that serve you, simply go here: 

You do have to be signed in on a Google account in order for this to take affect. But go on and take back control. Remove what you would like.

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