Visual elements have a profound effect on everyone, no matter how old. We learn to identify the power of eye-catching colors and objects  from the moment we are born. It is the way humans are wired, we just acquire information so much more effectively when there are good visual elements; that’s why teachers have used visual aids to reinforce or teach topics for centuries. It is through the use of the seeable that we can enhance our memory, learn new concepts and ideas.

“Visual elements are a crucial part of business as well,¨ says Adam Noar. “that’s why attractive presentations can either make or break that all-important deal.”

Websites or presentations with good visuals, great slideshows and videos have a profound effect on how we feel, how we connect, and in the world of business; how we buy.

Don’t believe me? There are actually stats that prove this.  Psychological stats now show that 93% of all communication is nonverbal and most of it comes as visual stimuli, which is assimilated by the brain more quickly.

Psychologists prove that people have an easier time of thinking in the form of pictures; it is the oldest learning method of man. As John Berger, media theorist says, ¨seeing comes before words.The child looks and recognizes before he speaks.” 

Sure,  we media gurus always tout of the importance of written content, but that doesn’t mean visual content is any less important, certainly not for professional web designers an digital marketers; certainly not a belief we cater to here at SME Complete, and definitely not one you should embrace whole heartedly, so much, that you forget the importance of the VISUAL.

Visual presentations are an important part of both your online and offline presence. They make it easy to understand your concept or idea; these offer clear, quick and targeted communications of your idea.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – and you know it. Think of the way you assimilate information. You are often drawn more by the visuals than by the content. In fact it is the visual appeal that draws you into the content, especially when it comes tor your Web Design Projects or even your business presentation slide shows.

Ok so we really aren’t telling you anything new here! The problem is you don’t have the time to learn to create beautiful presentations and visuals – and you can’t afford a designer every time you need a good visual back up; and you certainly aren’t a grahic artist, and probably don’t have the time to go study.

You are in business. It´s sales and negotiations that are your strong points.

There’s No Excuse!

Even if you aren´t a design guru you can create outstanding presentations for your social media presence, your in person presentation or your website. You can have beautiful visual elements without having to go and learn to be a graphic designer.

How Do I Create Beautiful Presentations?

Whether you want a presentation for your Pittsburgh website design, or simply want something that has that ¨Wow¨ factor , there is a tool that can help. The name of this tool is Presentation Panda.

Presentation Panda can help you capture the essence of those really sexy presentations. You can make really eye-catchy visuals in a fraction of the time it takes for you to make those really ¨Blah¨presentations.

Why Is It So Simple?

Presentation Panda starts off with 100s of easy to customize templates. You get lots of 3D, and 2D presentation templates where all you have to do is change out the images and the information for your own. This makes making slide presentations as easy as pie.

This tool is invaluable, and it even has tips to help you punch through a creative block. There are some great features here that help you make those presentations in easy to follow steps. Anyone can follow these directions.

Best of all Presentation Panda is a program designed by a top graphic designer so all the templates and slide options are outstanding and easy to customize. They make YOU look good. All you have to do is drop in your information, and Presto you are ready to go make that Awe Inspiring presentation. Give it a whirl, come see what Presentation Panda slide show maker has to offer you.


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