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The internet is filled with resources for every task that you could ever consider performing. Now most Small-Medium Sized companies don’t have those deep wallets to employ onsite educators fill the talent gap in your employee knowledge base. Most sole-proprietors, start-ups and small businesses don’t have the time even to search through all of these faulty Google search results. Lucky for many, there are lots of either free or low cost options for you out there from reputable sites!

One of my favorite for quick learning is Now this site isn’t free, though they do have some free resources available, but it is extremely helpful and definitely reputable. There are thousands of videos that cover everything from digital marketing to print marketing, accounting to IT and everything in-between. All of the people providing these tutorials offer real-life experience and guide you through the steps. If you opt for the more expensive membership (still not that high) you’ll get course material with each lesson so you can work along with it. Still, if you go with the base membership, you can get all of the courses and plenty of additional material that is regularly updated.

And now, is actually offering a 10 day free trial, so why wouldn’t you join? Cancel within 10 days if you are not satisfied!
10-day free trial




Yes, Google has resources! The interesting thing is that most of Google’s resources are free! And those ones that aren’t free are still pretty inexpensive. The reason being is that they make so much money off of things like AdWords and Android that the rest of them don’t matter! Also, because Google is probably the predominant channel for online marketing, the free resources just ensure that people keep coming back to use their sites! These tools include Analytics, AdWords and SEO training – which includes a vast majority of online marketing.

Perhaps the most useful online tool is Google Analytics. It is absolutely 100% free and is one of the most beneficial things your site could ever have. There are also a number of other website management apps through Google that are completely free – items like Google Page Speed through Google Developers. Google’s App Suite provides you with everything that Microsoft Office does, except more! All of the Google Apps come at a whopping price of only $5 per month too which includes business emails. Just a thought – places like GoDaddy charge about $5 per month just for the email so the rest of the Google Apps are free in comparison!

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