Is the following situation one you are familiar with?

“ I go to the web designer, I spend an hour talking to him.. and after the hour is up, I leave with less cash and feel like nothing got resolved. I don’t know what to ask for; I don’t know how to speak the lingo; and  I don’t even really know what I want. I  mean I know I want more sales, more traffic online and more comments from my social media networks…but I don’t really know how to get them.”

That was the problem, the issue my friend had, when she finally came to me. Like Mary, most business owners feel frustrated when it comes to online business and marketing. The feelings of frustration, lack of knowledge and helplessness are overwhelming.

“Take a certification course.” I said. “Learn to understand what you need and how to ask for it. This is the way to filter through all the lingo, to understand what you need and who can help you get it.”

She looked at me with surprise, “I don’t have time to go back to school,” she said. That is too time consuming.

I quickly cleared up that misconception by explaining that now there are all kinds of options when it comes to online education, and one of the trendiest subjects is online business marketing.

The point is you can take a certification course online and finish it within the time frame you need.

Why Do I want Online Marketing Certification?

The world is full of different types of professions. But no matter your business or profession, you can  benefit from online business marketing certification. As in Mary’s case, it can give you insight into your business and the direction you want to take it in the online world.

Even when you don’t own a business an online marketing certification can come in handy. Why? Well it opens the job market for you even further. It complements skills you may already have and proves that you have the skills necessary to complete a project related to online marketing. For innovators or entrepreneurs an online marketing certification broadens horizons, allowing  you to develop new business projects or creative ideas.

Where Do I Find a Good Business Online Marketing Certification Course?

Finding the right online marketing course has never been easier. There are thousands of options out there. But It can also be confusing, simply because of all the varied choices available. There are college courses, online workshops, certifications, four year degrees, etc.

Why Certification?

In some cases a certification can help you get a better job and in others well it may only be a consideration. However, what a certification does do for you is: It proves to clients or potential employees that you are skilled in the area of expertise that you claim. It also offers proof of your interest in the field and of your interest in continued education within the area.

So which course should you take?

Well, the best place to start with such an extensive field of study is with a shorter certification course. There are many online options, and you’ve probably even received a few offers in your inbox. But because I’ve been there and done that, I would have to say that the most complete, up to date, and helpful courses are either on Simpli Learn or



Simplilearn offers a variety of different online certification courses. These range from project management to online digital marketing certifications.

So why take a certification course from Simplilearn?

This is a company that has top world accredited trainers and a large number of certified courses. All of these courses can be adapted to the online digital world. Many online digital marketing experts also have certifications in project management or in sales force Administration.  Simplilearn also has top notch training methods that allow for every type of learner to take a course at his or her own pace.

Simplilearn is one of the quickest ways to expand your field of knowledge or to stay on top of your game. The courses offer the latest in technology, trends and processes that let you diversify your personal or business needs, and best of all you can access any certification course online. You get complete and easy to understand video instruction, direct access to the chosen trainer to clear up doubts or questions, and complete resources to study along with.  In our book, Smplilearn offers a complete solution to business certification and continual learning needs in the digital marketing world.

lynda-com_featured is one of our favorites. This company has been around since the beginning of the digital world. It offers hundreds of different certified and non-certified courses. It is a company that is well known in the online world. However, Lynda has become a very large worldwide enterprise, which means  there are hundreds of online courses, and navigating through these to find the certification course that fits your needs can be a bit tricky. Still the courses at Lynda are very complete, easy to understand and there are certification options. The benefit to using Lynda is that you can take as many certifications as you want for a monthly fee, and this may be an advantage to some, it can be a disadvantage for other people, as a course can often take several months to complete.

Final Thoughts

Certification is important as it offers educational development, teaches you about digital marketing, statistics or any other online process. It is a great option for two types of people; for those who run businesses and want to expand their horizons into the digital word; or for profesionals   who want to update their skills or who need to learn about new digital trends or changes.


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