SERPs Over Time

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) make or break online businesses and no wonder they are such a heavily discussed subject. Originally, SERPs just provided organic results that matched a single set of algorithms, or at least in the case of early-Google. With the introduction of additional SERP features, like Google’s Knowledge Graph, Maps, Paid Search Ads, and more (but mainly paid search ads), the results pages have changed.

These changes have been prompted for good reasons as well. People don’t want a billion of the same style results returned in the .25 seconds after the query is entered. There are a number of advantages to seeing images and videos displayed alongside text results, and even more reasons why a person may find it beneficial to see a map with pins of your search query on it. And, there are also many reasons that Google and advertisers find the placement of paid ads as beneficial.

Now, it is just considering or even predicting the ways that people want certain search queries returned on a page and then finding the right mix of all of these new SERP entrants. Moz had previously posted a guide to Google’s MEGA-SERP to better understand the clutter (which is an interesting point in its own right as Google’s staple has always been simplicity). After recording a number of different screen shots over a period of time, they compiled a huge SERP that showcased a number of different Google Result features.

2013 SERP Features

Some of these features (and the amount of search queries they showed up on) included:

Local SERP Paid SERPs Knowledge Graph Vertical SERPs Miscellaneous Features
Local Carousel 1% Adwords (Top) 72.80% List Carousel Image Mega-block Site-Links (6-pack) 19.40%
Local Knowledge Panel 6.30% Shopping Results (Left) 18.20% Answer Box 1.40% Video Results 18.50% Authorship Mark-Up 21.90%
Local “Pack” Results 7.30% AdWords (Bottom) 16.50% Knowledge Graph (Info) 26.20% Image Results 24.60% Review Mark-Up 24.00%
Local “Near” Results 5.10% Shopping Results (Right) Knowledge Graph (Brand) News Results 19.60% Social Results
Google Map + Pins 11.30% AdWords (Right) 42.40% Disambiguation Box In-Depth Articles 5.20% Related Searches
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