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Hi everyone, I’m Rob from the AdWords team and this is AdWords In Under 5 Minutes. This video will show you how to extend your ads with sitelinks! Let’s get started!

The sitelinks ad extension shows links to specific pages on your website beneath the text of your ads (in addition to the main landing page), in order to help customers find the most relevant page on your site with just one click.

Sitelinks appear in ads showing in the top and bottom of the page on Google search results, and best of all, a click on your sitelink costs the same as a normal click on your ad headline would, so you can enjoy the benefits of sitelinks at no additional cost.

There are a number of reasons to set up sitelinks in your account: First is to show shortcuts to your potential customers. With sitelinks you can link directly to popular or high-converting sections of your website, like the page where a potential customer could fill out a form to contact you or the page for your best-selling products.

The second reason is that you can update sitelinks quickly and easily! You don’t need to make new text ads or edit them to include sitelinks, you can just edit the extensions as often as you like without resetting your ad data. And you can change link text and the URLs for your sitelinks whenever you want, keeping them up-to-date for sales and special offers.

Sitelinks are also very flexible! You can add sitelinks to a campaign or ad group, depending on which ads you want them to show with. This is particularly useful if your business offers different products or services or if you want to show different sitelinks to users in different targeted locations.

You can also customize sitelinks for mobile searchers. Smartphone penetration continues to rise rapidly, and is now up to 77% of mobile phone owners in the U.S., so it can be very valuable to show certain sitelinks to these users compared to users searching on desktop.

And lastly, you can set up scheduling for your sitelinks so that they only show between certain start and end dates, or that they can only show on certain days of week or times of day.

So now you’re ready to create your first sitelinks!

To get started, click on the campaign for which you’d like to add sitelinks. Then in the row of gray tabs, click on the Ad Extensions tab. From here, click the “View” button on the left hand side and select “Sitelinks Extensions” from the drop down list if it is not already selected.

Then determine if you’d like to apply these sitelinks to your entire campaign or just to select ad groups. Select either “Campaign Extension” or “Ad Group Extension” based on your choice, and then click the red +Extension button.

Next click the gray “+New Sitelink” button at the bottom of the gray box and then you’ll complete the fields in the white pop up box with the details of the sitelink you’d like to add.

The first field, Link Text, refers to what the user sees. For example, Contact Us or Bestsellers. In the next field, enter the URL that goes to the specific page of the sitelink. For example, if you are creating a sitelink for the Contact Us page of your site, then enter the URL that goes directly to that page.

Next you can click the check box for “Mobile” to indicate your ad or extension is optimized for mobile devices. After that, you have the option to enter description lines of text for your sitelinks, and you can use this field to tell your customers what to expect if they click the sitelink.

If you’d like to set up any scheduling for this specific sitelink, click Start/end dates, scheduling in blue and indicate the scheduling you’d like for this particular sitelink.

Lastly, click Save in the small white box, make sure your new sitelink appears underneath “Selected Sitelinks” on the right, and then click the blue save button in the large gray box.

And now you have created your first sitelink!

After you set up the sitelinks, you can see detailed reporting that indicates how many clicks occurred on your ad when sitelinks appeared from the Ad Extensions tab in the Sitelinks section.

Check out this great resource if you have any questions about creating, editing, or removing sitelinks!

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