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Web Hosting Add-Ons:

Dedicated IP:

Without a Dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address, your hosting account shares its IP address with other hosting accounts on that server. Most times, that’s just fine. But, you might need the unique address that a Dedicated IP, or static IP, if you have a large dedicated hosting website, eCommerce site with SSL encryption or a significant amount of traffic.

Preferred Usage:

  • eCommerce Site
  • Significant Amount of Traffic
  • During Domain Moves
    • a dedicated IP uses numbers as well
  • SEO Purposes


SSL Certificate:

Moving from HTTP:// to HTTPS:// Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a computer protocol that helps secure communications over computer networks, and is most often used with e-mail. An SSL certificate is a digital document that ensures the content provided is from the correct (verified) sender.

Preferred Usage:

  • Secured eCommerce Transactions
  • Secured Communications
  • Customer Piece of Mind
  • Generally, More Secured Website
  • Better SEO Value


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Contact our team and indicate your web hosting needs. We’ll get you set up on an entirely customized Web Hosting program that puts your needs front and foremost. You’ll receive fast and secure hosting, and excellent service. Our team of professional consultants will help you through each step of the way.

Need a domain? We’ll provide one for you (based on availability)!

Need WordPress installed? We’ll take care of that for you!

Want custom emails? We’ll also provide you up to 2 emails per domain.

New to web development? We’ll get you set up and help you along the way.

Optional Add-ons: SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, comprehensive Elegant Themes Template selection, more!

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